Consultancy and Design

Orthos Projects provide consultancy and design services for a wide range of clients in a variety of industry sectors operating plants within the bulk solids, raw materials handling and processing industries, covering project engineering, project management and plant construction.

To put a proposed project into reality, the materials handling and processing equipment, transfer and storage interfaces, civil engineering, mechanical and electrical services, accounts for a significant investment. With modern process technology becoming increasingly complex and the cost of modern buildings and alterations, we seek to satisfy customer needs by providing cost effective design solutions.

We realise that each project is unique and we take pride in tailoring a unique solution for the specific requirements of each client.

Should you have a budget, we’d be pleased to advise and estimate if it will cover the overall proposed project costs. Or, if you are seeking a second opinion on a live project already quoted, we’d be pleased to offer an alternative quotation.

At Orthos Projects you benefit from up to date AutoCAD software, which is continually upgraded to ensure that clients always get the very latest design techniques. We utilise the latest technology to efficiently provide mechanical and electrical engineering services to develop efficient plants. Our design engineers are highly qualified technical engineers with considerable experience gained within the bulk solids, materials handling and processing industries.

Orthos offer a wide selection of services to its clients, ranging from in-house design capabilities for small plant modifications, to complete turnkey systems. We also have the capability to undertake feasibility studies to ensure the project is viable and can be achieved within a proposed budget. We also propose process equipment and systems capable of achieving the project requirements.

Feasibility studies are offered as a separate service with the addition of surveys and quotations for systems if required.

All our work is performed and delivered to the highest standards using a unique approach to each project.