Users in the foundry industry know that to get the most out of their state-of-the-art moulding lines, the moulding sand has to consistently meet very stringent quality criteria. The name ORTHOS stands for top class quality.

Orthos Projects specialise in systems for processing bentonite-bonded moulding sand, and for many years has maintained a close working relationship with foundries both in the UK and overseas. Some 46-Orthos sand preparation plants have been supplied and installed both in the UK and overseas, processing from 20 to 140 tonnes per hour of sand for cast iron, steel and non-ferrous metal casting lines from major manufacturers, delivering leading edge quality, throughput and efficiency.

Mixing and Processing

As sole UK agents for Eirich for the foundry industry, at the heart of all our sand preparation plants is the world renowned Eirich Intensive Pan Mixer. Eirich are at the forefront of mixing technology for the foundry and many other industries.

The type of mixer utilised is extremely important to generate the proper compressive and shearing loads required to fully develop the physical properties of the moulding sand. A thorough understanding of the mixing cycle sequence must be maintained to help minimise cycle time and optimise the effectiveness of the mixer. Furthermore, variations in raw material additions must be minimised.

Quality Control – Moulding Sand

To guarantee moulding sand of constant high quality, we would incorporate into the process an Eirich QualiMaster AT1. The unit is installed in the prepared sand line directly downstream from the intensive pan mixer; it is equipped with an autonomous local controller (PLC) for simple adjustment and monitoring. The unit will test for compactability, shear strength and compressive strength (optional). This coupled with the SandReport software will display statistical analysis, and with the SandExpert software following analysis, the values are made available to the plant control system which will automatically correct the moisture content and adjust the additive feed optimising the moulding sand.

Cooling – Return Sand

Varieties of sand cooling methods are available, but most have drawbacks and are inadequate for today’s foundries. Following the casting separation and shakeout process, the temperature of the sand averages around 150°C, however at times it can be as high as 200°C. Modern moulding lines require cool, consistent sand temperatures which may vary, but the sand should never exceed 45°C. Putting sand through the moulding system at higher temperatures reduces mould making efficiency and causes casting quality problems, which results with an increase in scrap.

The Orthos sand cooler is an efficient unit based on a combination of the incoming sand being blended with cooled sand already being processed; this is achieved via a figure-of-eight mixing pattern by counter rotating mixing stars, which effectively operates on the principal of evaporative cooling where both air and water are introduced into a mechanically fluidised mass of sand.

Moisture and temperature control are achieved through monitoring sensors on the feed and discharge sand conveyors, this coupled with a plc control ensures water addition and cooling air at a precise controlled rate result in consistent sand properties.

There are over 20-Orthos sand coolers installed in foundry plants both in the UK and overseas, processing up to 130tph of return sand.

The Orthos sand cooler meets all the needs of a modern foundry. Compared with other cooling techniques, it provides more efficient and consistent cooling keeping the sand in a consistent condition with the mixing and blending action averaging out any variations in additives.

The Turnkey Solution – Package, Knowledge and Service

All our plants are built to deliver quality sand to high quality moulding line manufacturers, such as: Heinrich Wagner Sinto (HWS), Disamatic and Hansberg.

For over 35-years, Orthos Projects have designed, manufactured, installed and commissioned green sand foundry preparation plant to the highest specifications. Orthos believe that their success lies in a unique mix of fully co-ordinated services for all types of installations together with a wide experience and knowledge in design and manufacture.

The company has the capability to complete the most complex installations, utilising a combination of in-house manufacture and controlled use of specialist services. As a result, the complete package is delivered on time and within budget.

Orthos provide the total solution:

  • Close working relationship with you.
  • Understanding your requirements.
  • Delivering proven solutions using Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) techniques.
  • Concept, design, manufacture, installation and staff training.

Giving you total quality control and integrity for minimum maintenance and maximum investment return. In addition, major savings can be achieved in labour and materials, increasing overall production efficiency.

  • Reduction in sand related scrap through Automatic SPC Control.
  • Reductions in expensive additives through efficient mixing.
  • Fully automated control systems reducing labour.
  • On-line testing to give consistent sand quality.
  • Batching & weighing technology provide accurate formulations.

Orthos produce their own in-house electrical PLC computer control systems, which in conjunction with the mixers on-line sand quality monitoring equipment, provides state of the art control, significantly reducing casting scrap due to poor moulding sand quality.

A full range of after sales services are provided, including spare parts, service inspection visits and service contracts, equipment and Eirich mixer repairs and rebuilds both on-site and workshop based and an emergency breakdown service, all of which ensures customer peace of mind and minimum downtime.

No project is too small or too large for the Orthos Projects team to handle; from the smallest of clients through to the largest blue chip companies all of our clients receive the same attention to detail. The company has successfully installed sand preparation plants for many leading foundry clients, both in the UK and overseas.