Minerals are used in the manufacturing process of most everyday items we come into contact with, from the food we eat, to the cars we drive, and the technically advanced communication equipment we use, contains minerals. Stone, sand, gravel, salt, iron ore, phosphate, gypsum, clays, lime, sulfur, bauxite, potash, soda ash, barite, copper and lead are all minerals that require quarrying, mining and extracting for processing into a form that manufacturers require for further processing. This will involve crushing, grinding, screening, dewatering, washing, filtering, separation by magnet, centrifuge, cyclone, density, electrostatic, gravity, optical and x-ray, drying, mixing, blending, granulating, compacting, and pelletising plus specialised processes specific to the properties and characteristics of the product.

In 2007 a major UK lime processing company awarded Orthos Projects the contract to supply and install a plant to process lime into a form suitable for Flue Gas Treatment and Acid Gas Neutralisation. Since then Orthos has been awarded all of their 12-capital projects for various materials handling and processing systems. This level of trust and confidence has been gained by designing and delivering systems within budget, on time and knowing that the systems delivered and installed are fit for purpose and will live up to their high expectations and perform the processing duty as specified.

This demonstrates that Orthos Projects are well respected and regarded as a truly professional company within the bulk solids and raw materials handling and processing industry, that our clients have come to rely on for their materials handing projects, engineering project management and design engineering. Plus the quality of the equipment we specify design and supply is built for the purpose and stood the test of time and in many cases exceeds specification.

We are proud of the fact that a high proportion of our business is that from previous clients who recognise that our services are second to none, and we have no hesitation in referring potential customers to any of our clients for a reference.

We were also recently awarded a contract to supply and install an x-ray sorter and screening plant to a major UK chalk and lime processor. This project involved the installation of the x-ray sorter and screen, with considerable modifications to an existing building. To convey the product to the new machinery involved supplying and installing heavy duty vibratory feeders which in turn discharged the material on to a conveyor system, with one spanning 48-metres between pulley centres at an inclined angle of 25 degrees.

This contract was won not only on the professional presentation and approach of Orthos Projects, but also on the confidence installed into the client following reference plant visits.