Orthos Projects with such a diverse portfolio are able to turn their knowledge and expertise to many industry sectors, and in recent times have provided design and detail engineering solutions for the refractory materials processing industry. We have a long associated history with various refractory material manufacturers, processing materials such as alumina, fireclays, bauxite, chromite, dolomite, magnesite, silicon carbide and zirconia.

Refractory products are based on the method of manufacture, Dry press process, Fused cast, Hand moulded, Formed (normal, fired or chemically bonded), Un-formed (monolithic-plastic, ramming and gunning mass, castables, mortars, dry vibrating cements) and Un-formed Dry refractories. Fused super refractories are typically fired at temperatures in excess of 2000°C.

Since 2010 Orthos Projects has won a number of contracts to supply detailed engineering plant layouts and detailed fabrication drawings for overseas plants in China, France, South Africa and most recently India. These contracts from the same client have been won on a 100% satisfaction rate of our plant designs, and detailed fabrication drawings, building and cementing a trusted and close working relationship.

Our clients have benefitted from over 100-years of combined plant design and process knowledge of the team appointed to the project. The process plant designs incorporated all wet and dry material storage silos, bins and tanks, conveying systems (belt, screw, pneumatic and vacuum), batch and / or continual weighing (weigh scales and belt weighers), bulk bag discharge systems, batch mixers complete with optional heating systems, skip hoists, hand addition feed stations (for minor ingredients, incorporating scales, hoppers and extraction hoods), liquid pitch, tar and resin storage and liquid pitch, tar and resin day tanks complete with heating, circulation and distribution, mixed material surge / under hopper and dragout belt feeder, big / bulk bag and 25kg bag filling systems complete with sewing / sealing machines, supporting steel structures and access platforms and dust extraction systems, plus the additional and many different process facets involved, dependent on application.

We provide accurate plant layout drawings giving set out dimensions for all items of process equipment, and produce support steel work layout drawings. We position all levels and equipment location points with details of all loadings, access platforms, stairways, lifting beams and bracing positions.

Orthos Projects will produce detailed shop manufacturing drawings for all fabricated items, hoppers, chutes, platforms, conveyors etc. We would also provide a full specification of all propriety equipment. Where propriety equipment is used, the manufacturer’s drawings would be incorporated into the plant layouts to confirm overall integrity to ensure no interface problems on assembly, and provide as installed layouts.

We look at the overall design of dust extraction systems, specifying extraction volume and produce a general ducting route drawing, sizing ducting and indicating connections to the equipment, sufficient for a local dust extraction company to manufacture / modify the complete system.

Should it be requested we can produce foundation loadings and an outline foundation plan drawing showing anchor bolt fixing details to enable a local civil engineering company to design the foundations.